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Sleep and wake up with the cats in the world’s Jaguar epicenter.

jaguar photo tour pantanal brazil

“Best place for photographing Jaguars.” –CNN Travel

Wild Jaguars in a lovers’ spat, Pantanal, Brazil.
Photo: Joe McDonald. Jaguars of Brazil’s Pantanal.


Why prize-winning photographers choose our Jaguar tours


Our guests include the world’s most sophisticated, prize-winning nature photographers. These demanding professionals choose our Jaguar tours for many reasons, one of which is that our highly-experienced boat drivers have more contact time with wild Jaguars than any other humans in the history of the world (over 3,000 hours in the case of our top drivers). Thus, our boat drivers are the best in the business in terms of predicting Jaguar movements and behavior. Our boat drivers’ deep experience results in our guests being perfectly-positioned to take prize-winning photos of explosive Jaguar behavior that is all over in a split second.

In September 2013, Joe McDonald took top prize in the world’s most prestigious wildlife photography competition: the London-based “Nature Photographer of the Year.” Joe, who has been photographing the cats of the Jaguar Research Center Reserve every year since 2008, won the top prize with a simply jaw-dropping image of a violent lovers’ spat involving a courting pair of Jaguars on the banks of the Three Brothers River (shown above). Other renowned photographers who have chosen our Jaguar tours include the following:

Daniel Cox

Todd GustafsonJaguars of the Pantanal (video)Jaguar Expedition 2012 (video)

Frans Lanting

Thomas D. Mangelsen

Roy ToftJaguar Safari: Pantanal, Brazil (video)

Art Wolfe



“Dreaming of that next epic wildlife adventure? Here are your go-to guys.”

–Condé Nast Traveller




jaguar photo tour pantanal brazil


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